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Medlicott Writers’ Network is a philanthropic literary arts initiative designed to celebrate and advance fledgling, debut and published writers dedicated to creating stories that attract a reader’s respect and attention. MGroup, the founders of the MWN program, is committed to implementing the following:

  • Remove some of the publishing stumbling blocks for debut writers
  • Collaboratively promote published authors.

MWN is structured to support Canadian writers of books and stage plays through:

  • The Medli, our biennial award
  • Diversified promotional vehicles
  • Vetted expertise and philanthropic mentorship.

Medlicott Writers’ Network is not a fee-based publishing consulting business –there are no fees or annual dues required to access our worldwide network of agents, publicists, editors, illustrators, video/audio experts and renowned mentor authors. Simply contact us and identify how we may assist. Ours is a philanthropic endeavour; acting as literary patrons and sponsors we provide fledgling and debut writers the opportunity to enhance their natural aptitudes and for published writers – promotional vehicles to increase their readership.

MGroup Initiatives are not funded or supported through any government agency or grant program. We are not affiliated with any creative writing course at universities, colleges or community adult education programs. MWN was established in 2014, by a literary patron who identified the Achilles’ heel of the burgeoning world of publishing options. MGroup advocates the importance of the following four requirements for success: Ambition, Talent, Knowledge and Opportunities. We provide Opportunities through our monetary awards and collaborative support to fledgling, debut and published authors.

To learn more on how MWN Initiatives may help you as a writer or playwright, contact us at info@medlicottwritrsnetwork.ca


‘It is not the weight of the coin but the measure of the deed.’ founder of MGroup, M.A Marshall-Garside